Security / Backup & Disaster Recovery
If you lost your data today, would you be able to do business tomorrow?
Do you have a plan to protect your data?

Not sure, explore our data care solution
What is Data Care?
This is the most important service you could ever sign up for!
Your data is the foundation for success in running your business. Data can be lost because of fires, floods, employee error, and hardware error. You need to make sure you can recover that data as fast as possible so your company does not come to a grinding halt and risk losing its competitive edge in today’s fast paced market.
Our plan proactively and continuously takes care of all the “techy stuff”, so you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing your data remains available and secure at all times.

What’s Included
We will consult one on one with you to come up with a complete plan to protect your data!


    Regular antivirus scans to keep you protected from the latest threats


    Secure your data with cloud and local backup


    Plan to restore your data as soon as possible
Data care Benefits
  • Fast implementation with easy setup
  • Multi-tier data storage to ensure fast access no matter what
  • Fast recovery to get you back up and running with minimal impact
  • Protection from hacking/ viruses / malware/ ransomware
  • Daily monitoring of malware and backups
  • Full Server Backups. That means you can restore an ENTIRE SERVER. Either on new hardware, or in the cloud to get you back up and running.
  • We actually TEST the restoration of your data at regular intervals to make sure you have a good backup
  • NO OBLIGATION – You don’t think this is the VERY BEST solution that can save your business in the event of data loss? Cancel in the first 90 days, and pay NOTHING. That’s how much we believe in our data care solutions!
Ready to protect your data
Learn more about data protection by downloading a free copy of “12 Little-Known Facts and Insider Secrets Every Business Owner Should Know About Backing Up Their Data and Choosing a Remote Backup Service”
This report will:
  • Outline the most common and costly mistakes that most business owners make with their data backups
  • What remote and offsite backups are, and why EVERY business should have them in place
  • Critical characteristics you should absolutely demand from any remote data backup service
  • Frightening trends, cases, and questions every business owner should know and consider regarding data
  • The single most important thing to look for in a remote backup service provider

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    A free and no-obligation guide to protect your data